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Longwood uses the latest precision dynamic navigation system to enhance patient treatment quality

At Longwood, we use the latest precision dynamic navigation system to enhance our treatment quality in the areas of dental implant and root canal treatments. Based on 10+ years of evidence-based research and development in North America, dental dynamic navigation and positioning software aids clinicians in maximizing treatment precision and minimizing the time needed for treatment and recovery. For doctors, this technology enables more minimally invasive treatments with more predictable results.

For patients, this means:

– Less time in the chair.

– Less pain.

– Faster healing time.

– Optimal results.

Longwoods clinicians periodontist Dr. Po Lee and endodontist Dr. Chun-Pei Lin are both surgical instructors of the dynamic navigation technology. If you are in need of endodontic root canal treatments or dental implant treatments, you may benefit from a navigation aided treatment plan. Please consult our dental specialists to discuss your conditions and treatment needs.


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