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Dr. Kelly Wang invited by the Straumann Group to represent the WIN x Women Empowerment Program

The Longwood team’s Dr. Kelly Wang is privileged to have been invited by the Straumann Group, alongside esteemed colleagues Dr. Selene Kuo and Dr. Rebecca Yeung, to attend the Women Implantology Network (WIN) Taiwan X Women Empowerment Program. The program is aimed at improving women athletes' oral health and eliminating one more thing they have to worry about in their competitive career.

Through the help of sports associations in Taiwan, the Taiwan Straumann Group was able to include in this program outstanding women athletes such as Rosa Chien, one of the best female basketball player in Taiwanese history, Shen Yan-ru, Taiwan’s Deaflympic badminton player, Hsieh Hsi-en, Taiwanese Olympic hurdler, Lei Chien-ying, Taiwanese Olympic archer, Lo Ying-Yuan, Taiwanese Olympic weightlifter, and Han Hsin-lin, Taiwanese Olympic softball player.

According to Dr. Selene Kuo, it is common for athletes to overlook their oral health. During intensive training and competition, athletes tend to habitually bite down hard and/or ingest highly sweetened and highly acidic energy drinks and supplements, all of which contributes to tooth decay. Therefore, with the inclusion of both women dentists and athletes, the WIN program hopes to improve the oral health of female athletes and enhance their focus in their careers and confidence.

The Straumann Group has been promoting the WIN Program globally to highlight both outstanding women dentists as well as outstanding women in many other different professions.

Going forward, The Taiwan Straumann Group also hopes to involve more women dentists and to collaborate with the ROC Sports Federation to continue to benefit more women athletes, and to help them achieve better performance and confidence.


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