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Teeth Whitening, the safest and fastest way to achieve instant teeth whitening results

“Blue LED light teeth whitening, whitening strips, whitening toothpastes and mouthwash, whitening electric toothbrushes, at-home whitening lights, whitening powder, whitening gels, whitening foam, whitening pen, whitening mousse, etc.”

Which type of teeth whitening system and kit should you choose?

Generally speaking there are two ways to whiten your tooth/teeth: teeth whitening (bleaching) and veneers. If you are dissatisfied with your tooth color, the most conservative way is to try teeth whitening first. This is because teeth whitening is non-invasive and non-abrasive to teeth. If the whitening results are still dissatisfying, then you and your dentist may consider veneers. Veneers involve slight removal of the surface of the teeth and the treatment is irreversible. Providers may claim to do “non-prep” veneers or veneers that do not involve removal of the enamel, but it is only applicable to some cases. In actual practice, some removal will still take place most of the time. This is why dentists usually suggest trying a course of teeth whitening first prior to considering any other whitening methods.

Why choose a dentist or dental clinic for teeth whitening?

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration classifies teeth whitening materials as controlled substances for medical use, and therefore the whitening agents used by dentists and dental clinics provide the safest and most effective whitening results. If you have concerns about your teeth color, such as too yellow or too dark, a dentist provided teeth whitening will give you the safest and fastest results.

Would having my teeth cleaned often or do air abrasion stain removal whiten my teeth?

Teeth cleaning and air abrasion would remove tartar, plaque, and stains from teeth and restore the original natural color of your teeth. However, they do not change the color of the teeth. If you would like the color of your teeth to become whiter, only teeth whitening or veneers would achieve the best result.

Can I whiten my own teeth?

There is a wide array of over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products such as whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, whitening electric toothbrushes, at-home whitening lights, whitening gels, etc. However, their effects are usually quite limited. If you have teeth whitening needs, it is best to have a consultation with your dentist to perform either in-office teeth whitening or make customized take-home whitening trays to safely use at home with Taiwan FDA approved whitening gels. Remember to follow up with your dentist after the whitening treatment for best and long lasting results.

Spa and beauty salons that offer teeth whitening and veneers/lumineers:

In Taiwan, teeth whitening and veneers are regulated medical procedures under the Medical Care Act and whitening agents are controlled substances designated by law. Dental clinics and dentists provide teeth whitening procedures under the supervision of Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) for medical safety and infection prevention. While patients may find teeth whitening services and veneers offered at non-dental venues in Taiwan, they are illegally performed by non-medical providers, and are not supervised by any authority for medical safety and infection prevention, and have sourced their whitening agents through unknown and unregulated sources which comes with unknown risks. Teeth whitening provided by non-medical providers have caused serious complications and irreversible harm to teeth and gums including deep decay, acute gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth loss. Taiwan's MOHW strongly advises any patient seeking teeth whitening to consult a dentist to review suitable options and receive proper treatments.

Please consult our dentist about the details.


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