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Pediatric Orthodontics: Giving your child a healthy and radiant smile

“What can be done to make my child’s teeth straight? Does my child need braces? Where can I find a good orthodontist for my child? Is Invisalign available for children? What are the differences between invisible braces and traditional braces? What is MRC Myobrace? What is the right age for orthodontic treatment? How long will orthodontic treatments last? How much do orthodontic treatments cost?”

These are all common questions we as parents have.

If you have any of the questions above, an orthodontist will be the best person to consult with. Not only does orthodontic treatment straighten teeth, more importantly, it also creates a healthy and functional bite that will be less prone to dental problems such as decay and gum disease. The timing of the treatment is also very important, the growth period is the best time to effectively move the teeth and jaws into proper positions in children and teenagers. They will also experience less discomfort if their problems are treated earlier rather than later.

Ideally, children should receive an orthodontic evaluation as soon as they begin to have permanent teeth. Children and teenagers have different orthodontics needs from adults. Every individual’s condition is also different and treatment plans will vary, therefore it is important that parents seek a proper exam and consultation with an orthodontist, a specialist who has spent years of proper training in the field of orthodontics.

Please consult our Orthodontist for more details.


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