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Clean & Safe Clinic Environment

Our medical equipment, sterilization protocol, and treatment environment strictly adhere to the standards set by the WHO, CDC, ECDC, and NIH, to provide our patients and staffs the safest and cleanest possible medical space.  Our clinic has automated systems that continuously sterilize the indoor air and medical water for 24 hours to provide the most hygienic environment.  We take special care to ensure that we follow the latest and most stringent medical standards, and we strive to provide the best quality dental care for our patients.

Best in Class Sterilization Equipment

At Longwood, we are equipped with the most advanced medical equipments and instruments as used at the Harvard Dental Center, NIH clinical center, and the CDC Laboratories.  We choose equipments and instruments that have been clinically proven to be superior over competitors.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management (24 hours)

Clinic-wide Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration System

System equipped with H11 (~Merv 17) class filter that continuously filtrates airborne bacteria & viruses and sterilizes indoor air through UV & carbon disinfection chambers, while constantly supplies fresh and sterilized air from outdoor. EPA and OSHA Compliant.

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